You have probably heard of revolving doors, but have you ever heard of revolving sushi? Kura Revolving Sushi Bar brings sushi right to your table on a revolving conveyor belt! “We have over 643 locations all over the world!” Kura Sushi opening team manager Nikita Thomas explains. Kura Sushi opened its doors in Philadelphia at the beginning of January 2023, making it the 43rd location in the United States.

Unlike most sushi restaurants, Kura Sushi allows the customer to take food service into their own hands. Kura Sushi patrons are able to order beverages and specialty food items through a touch screen at their table. Kirby, a robotic waiter, brings the beverages to the table. Made to order dishes, such as ramen and handrolls, will come to the table on the express belt. Most nigiri and sushi rolls rotate on the regular belt for anyone to grab.

Patrons pay by plate. “All of our plates are $3.55 and we serve three to four pieces on each plate,” Nikita explains. When diners are done with their plates, they discard them into the plate disposal and their total is counted on the screen. Contact-less dining at Kura Sushi makes the experience quick and easy. “I had a lady come in yesterday. She just got three sushi plates, a drink, and she was out!” Nikita exclaims.

Unfortunately, you cannot make reservations at Kura Sushi. However, you can download the Kura Sushi app and join the waitlist. When a table is available, you will be alerted that your table is ready.

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