Why go to Times Square when you can go to Kennett Square this New Year’s Eve? This year is the mushroom capital of the world’s 10th annual ‘Midnight in the Square’ complete with the dropping of the 800 pound mushroom at midnight.

“The whole town engages with this mushroom drop” Nina Kelly director of marketing for the Chester County Visitors Bureau tells us. The town is filled with shops and restaurants to explore before, during, and after the holidays. All of the local businesses gear up to celebrate Midnight in the Square and Nina recommends making reservations if you are planning a visit.

Kennett Square is known as the mushroom capital of the world because over 60% of the country’s mushrooms come from the area. Additionally, Kennett Square is also known for their breweries and annual brew-festivals in the summer, winter, and fall.

There is something to do all year round in Kennett Square so be sure to plan a visit! To learn more visit BrandywineValley.com.

By: Tony Romeo / Weekend Philler Producer/Host
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