“We’ve always loved collaborations here at Icarus Brewing, but this year we’re participating in one that is – it’s definitely a little more meaningful than anything we’ve ever done before” said Shane Gertner, Sales Representative of Icarus Brewing in Lakewood, NJ.

Icarus has partnered with Pravda Brewing in Ukraine to selling a Ukrainian Golden Ale here in the United States. All of the profits will be donated back to Pravda Brewing and the World Central Kitchen, an organization helping to feed refugees fleeing Ukraine. 

Pravda Brewing continues to stay in contact with Icarus Brewing, providing updates on the conditions of the city, company, and most importantly, the people.

“These are people’s homes, livelihoods, everything that are being taken away” said Founder and Head Brewer Jason Goldstein. 

If you would like to help support the effort in Ukraine, you can see if your local restaurants, bars, or breweries are interested in brewing this recipe, or you can donate directly to Pravda Brewing and the World Central Kitchen.