Icarus Brewing kindly opens its doors to anyone (or any dog!) looking to try a new IPA, relax and listen to vinyl records, or enjoy psychedelic art.

Located in Lakewood, NJ, Icarus opened their doors after Founder and Head Brewer Jason Goldstein studied food science and fermentation in college, followed by an internship with the brewmaster at Heineken, and even taking his studies to England.

“At Icarus we’re known for a little bit of everything. Obviously most people at this point know us for Hazy IPAs, however, what we’ve always been most proud of is our lagers, we’ve got about three different slow pour lagers on tap,” he explained.

Icarus has a wide range of beers, with about 26-30 different beers available for sampling in the tasting room at all times. Icarus also regularly sends their beers out to beer distributors and restaurants throughout 15 counties in New Jersey, reaching about 120 liquor stores and 200 restaurants weekly. 

Sales Representative Shane Gertner explained the family friendly, relaxed atmosphere at Icarus by saying “I think our tap room has always had kind of a laid back fun vibe to it”. We try and offer tours to everyone. We have vinyl records playing at all times so it has like a very warm feel to it”.

Icarus got their name from the Greek mythology tale, using the title as a reminder to “never fly too high, never fly too low, never be too cocky on anything,” Jason said.

This is highlighted by the colorful psychedelic and mythological art posted throughout the building. Jason reflects on his inspiration for why he loves the brewing industry, explaining “Push your boundaries… not ‘Eh–that was good’ but I always want to make something that’s ‘Wow this is the best version of this I’ve ever had”. 

For more information on how you can visit Icarus brewing, visit their website at IcarusBrewing.com.