Hug Wraps: A Hospital Gown Alternative for Cancer Patients

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When Brenda Jones was undergoing radiation treatment for breast cancer, she took one look at the stack of hospital gowns and decided enough was enough. She may not have been able to control cancer, but she could definitely control what she could wear. She needed something warm and comfortable, but most importantly “something that made me feel like a person, not a 9:30 appointment”.

Thus began the idea of Hug Wraps, a hospital gown alternative for cancer patients. Not only are Hug Wraps warm, comfortable, and made with the most fun patterns that Brenda could find, they’re also extremely functional. They have internal pockets down low where patients can store their surgical drains, heart monitors, and insulin pumps. They have  necks that provide easy access to ports, and the sleeves are wide enough to fit an IV bag through. They’re very easy to take on and off, even if you’re on the exam  or radiation table.

“I wanted something that was louder than cancer,” Brenda told me. To date, she has made over 2,400 Hug Wraps and has made it her goal to “hug” as many cancer patients as possible. These are made for cancer patients by a cancer patient, so she understands what the patients are going through. and intends to hug them through the process.

Extra materials from Hug Wraps never go to waste. Brenda and her volunteers also make pillowcases for pediatric patients, pillowcases for hospice patients, IV pole covers, backpacks for the homeless, and blankets and pet beds for pet shelters.

More information about Hug Wraps as well as order forms can be found at

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