As part of our company wide initiative called “Founder’s Day,” I spent some time volunteering at a no-kill animal shelter in Blackwood, NJ called Homeward Bound. I met so many great volunteers and staff and of course animals in need. Obviously adopting a pet that becomes part of your “furever home” is the goal of shelters. But what I learned from Homeward Bound, that had not occurred to me before, is the importance of fostering, even in the short term. Adopting animals for even a week can provide much needed space and resources at Homeward Bound and literally save the lives of many pets.

At the end of my shift I met a really fun dog named Rocky that you will see in this video. He’s about 4 and unfortunately was improperly crated as a pup. What that means to adult Rocky is that he’s got the tiniest little hitch in his getty-up when he runs. (Me too Rock! I feel ya, buddy!). Anyway, it’s not painful, it doesn’t slow him down, it just makes his hind legs point out a tiny bit. And for my money makes him more charming than he already is!

Thanks for a great day to all my old and new friends at Homeward Bound! I will definitely be back. And please…If you are able, please adopt, foster or donate.

By: Tony Romeo / Weekend Philler Producer/Host
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Founded by the Camden County Board of Chosen Commissioners in 1997, the Camden County Animal Shelter (CCAS) is operated by Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Center, a non-profit organization originally founded as Animal Welfare Society of Camden County (AWSCC). We are a registered 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, Fed Tax ID 20-0549531.

In 2018, the new name Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Center (f/k/a CCAS/AWSCC) was implemented to better reflect our recent expansion and ongoing mission to the community.

Homeward Bound is the leading animal welfare agency in the region with the highest intake and the highest save rate, achieving a 96% save rate in 2021. Our animal welfare and community service programs are supported by contributions, grants and bequests for program continuation and operational expansion.

Homeward Bound cares for any animal regardless of the reason which may include a pet surrendered by their owners due to medical issues or financial limitations, a stray animal that has been abandoned as well as any animal that has suffered extreme neglect from starvation and medical treatment. Every day we provide quality medical care and housing for our animals as we strive to find them new loving homes or reunite lost pets with their owners.

As the animal shelter exclusively responsible for service to the City of Camden, as well as one of the top treatment providers in the County, we intake approximately 5,000 animals per year from 18 municipalities in Camden County. City of Camden intake amounts to nearly 50% of the County’s total animal population. With the exception of Homeward Bound, there are very few pet services available to the residents of the City of Camden.

Homeward Bound’s low cost clinic provides quality veterinary care at an affordable cost. Quality veterinary care is provided at Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Center Clinic, by leading South Jersey veterinarians who perform routine surgeries and medical services for both shelter and public animals.

In 2015, Camden County Board of Commissioners proudly announced the completion of a $1.5 million expansion that increased capacity and provided more living and recreational space for cats and dogs. The expansion also included a designated area where residents can interact with and adopt pets. The new adoption center has glass-walled acquaintance rooms, which encourage shorter shelter stays for adoptable animals. The final phase of the expansion was completed in 2018, which included new state of the art veterinary surgical facilities.