Haunted Objects at The Creeper Gallery

Weekend Philler

It wouldn’t be Halloween without a trip to The Creeper Gallery in New Hope, PA! Each year we go back to this spooky spot and learn about some of the latest haunted objects in The Red Room.

This year, Donna showed us three unique objects.

Sam haunts a portrait doll from the 1800s. He is a very kind, but very active spirit. A young girl named Jackie died in a pair of roller skates back in 1939, and still haunts them to this day. The third object is a box that contains a bottle of earth, two bottles of cremains, and tons of tiny dreadlocks from a child. A woman named Cynthia allegedly practiced Voodoo to try to bring back her deceased child.

For more information on these objects or to check out more of the haunted objects, visit them in person of check out their website!

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