Right in my backyard I discovered what just might be the best Rum Cakes in the state, if not the world. And what’s better? The proceeds go to charity in the form of inner city tuition at Redemption Christian Academy.

Since 1979, Goodway Bakery has been the catalyst in the success of RCA. Working hand in hand RCA and Goodway Bakery allow every student not only an opportunity to invest in their own educational process, but also the realization of the personal sacrifice it takes to be successful.

I met volunteer Keterah Donley at their Saturday location, Berlin Mart in Berlin, NJ. Goodway has volunteers all over the state, including festivals, other marts and special events. The Goodway Rum cake comes in many flavors including Coconut, Malibu, Chocolate, Black Raspberry, Banana and Gluten Free. Goodway ships all over the country and you can order online here.

But even more than the cakes, my favorite part of this day was Keterah and her mom. Ket was a student at RCA and her mom was one of the people that saw first hand how much the sales from Goodway mean to the school. Their passion and commitment to volunteerism was as infectious as their smiles.

“I love food, I love watching the food channel…I’m a foodie…without a channel,” Keterah told me, hopefully after this spot her and her mom get a channel!

By: Tony Romeo / Weekend Philler Producer/Host
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