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If there’s a way to make yoga even more fun, it’s by adding goats to the mix! Water and Rock Studio, based in Chestnut Hill, teaches a goat yoga class at Mountain Pride Farm in Quakertown, PA. Japheth Brubaker, owner of the studio, says that they got the idea from a student who discovered it on the West Coast.

“Being around animals is good for your health,” Brubaker states. “Being in nature is good for your health. Doing yoga, well we know that’s good for your health. Doing all three together is just amazing for your mental and physical health.

These classes are humane and ethical goat yoga, meaning that there aren’t any gimmicks. They goats don’t do tricks, they don’t dress up, they simply coexist with the yogis. The goats noticeably loosen up and relax throughout the class and interact with the people, smelling hair, nibbling mats, and occasionally even jumping on their backs. It’s a super fun class for all ages and all skill-levels.

Advance registration is required as classes book up weeks in advance. To register for your goat yoga class, click here!

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