“Unfortunately, alcohol actually is almost like putting gasoline on a fire for me. The more I drank, the more my body would become inflamed and start to target itself and attack itself” owner, Drew Davis explained.

Her personal experience with health inspired her to open Gem Life + Bar, New Jersey’s first booze free bottle shop in Pitman, NJ.

As the second non-alcoholic bottle shop to open in the country, Gem Life + Bar initially launched its website with a catalog of just five drinks. The shop has since expanded to a brick and mortar location filled with hundreds of different wellness drinks, CBD infused beverages, and non-alcoholic seltzers. A second Gem location is set to open in Collingswood, NJ this summer (2022).

Drew has filled the space with self-care and ritual items like candles, crystals, and other health and wellness products, many of which are from BIPOC and woman-owned businesses.

“I also wanted to bring that wellness and healing and “vibes” to the [store] so you can go have a ritual night where you light your candle and drink your drink and feel super calm…” Drew tell us.

While Gem is a fabulous “booze free liquor store”, that’s not all they do. Their Pitman location is often home to fun events for sober or sober curious groups to gather and have fun without alcohol. Some of the events held at Gem include Tarot readings, Yoga, Gua Sha workshops, and sound baths + Reiki. Gem also offers pop-up bars to make any event a unique sober experience.

“There’s people that are in recovery that come here, we had a rise in women who want to come here for health reasons, we also have people who never drank due to certain health and wellness or religious reasons that are excited to have a place that they can actually come and experience without having alcohol around… So I think overall that people are really shifting their narrative that you have to drink to have fun,” Davis said. 

For more information about Gem Life + Bar visit their website at GemLifeCollective.com.