Brothers Matt and Bryan Quigley of Montgomery County, PA, ventured into the world of distilling vodka in their parent’s basement. It was all going well until their father stumbled upon the set up and kicked them out, fearing they would blow the house up!

Today, the Quigley brothers own Stateside Vodka Bar which is located in Philadelphia’s Kensington section, and the pair currently (2023) distribute their products to 10 different states.

“We founded this company in 2015 and the staple was our vodka,” Director of Operations Eddy McGehean told us. “It allowed us to branch into a few different products,” he continues.

Stateside launched a line of vodka sodas in 2021, followed by Surfside Iced Teas in 2022. Most recently the company expanded upon their Surfside Iced Tea flavors with the release of peach, half iced tea/half lemonade, and lemonade.

When customers visit Stateside Vodka Bar they can expect to find high class cocktails made with the signature vodka, and some made with freshly infused Stateside Vodka. If you get hungry, don’t worry! Stateside Vodka Bar is happy to whip up some of your favorite childhood snacks like dino nuggets, Ellio’s pizza, perogies, and more.

To learn more about Stateside Vodka Bar please visit their website.