Gary Barbera fondly refers to the Lawncrest section of Philadelphia as Lovely Lawncrest. At least once a week he and his Barbera Cares Program leave their day job of selling and servicing Dodges, Rams and Jeeps at Gary Barbera’s on the Boulevard to partner with other caring business and civic leaders at 6900 Rising Sun Avenue. Weekly, Barbera joins State Rep. Jared Solomon, the Lawncrest Community Association members, and self-less neighbors to distribute 40 lb meal boxes supplied by Share Food Program.

Covid-19 and the collateral damages of this pandemic have caused hunger and food insecurity to reach disturbing levels. Hunger doesn’t rest so every week since last Spring 700 boxes of food are distributed to neighbors on a first come first served basis. “Some of our Lovely Lawncrest neighbors wait hours for these food boxes. We are all outside- volunteers and the community socially distanced, wearing masks either distributing food boxes or waiting in line for a box regardless of how hot it is, rain or snow, we are all there helping eachother,” said Barbera.

Weekend Philler was on site– the first time volunteers came to help out during a snow storm and the second time Weekend Philler interviewed volunteers and filmed the weekly Share Food Program distribution event. Weekend Philler airs weekly video exposes on the weekend onPHL17 Saturday nights at 11:30 pm and Sunday nights at 5:00 pm. The videos shorts highlight interesting people, places and things all over Philadelphia, NJ and DE.

Hunger never rests especially during COVID-19 when families are struggling to provide meals for their families. Fundamentals like food shouldn’t be a struggle. Thanks to Share Food Program and all of the volunteers from the Lovely Lawncrest Community Association led by Bill Dolbow, President and Heather Miller. This is a true blessing to the Lawncrest neighbors and a privilege for the volunteers to join them every week and roll up our sleeves to distribute over 700 meal boxes.

The Share Food Program is a nonprofit organization serving a regional network of community organizations engaged in food distribution, education, and advocacy. For more information or to help your neighbors in Philadelphia Share Food Program

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By: Holly Huepfel
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