Fredia “Cheetah” Gibbs is a powerful undefeated kickboxing champion who hails from Chester, PA. Gibbs, who is the first African American woman to become a kickboxing champion, has many championships and titles under her belt. She is a 2019 Cabrini Hall of Famer and even has the key to her city. Fredia Gibbs’ most recent accomplishment, however, is a bronze statue at Cabrini University. “We wanted to create the first larger-than-life bronze statue of a female athlete in Pennsylvania, and the first statue of a female martial artist on the planet,” explained Phil Damiani of the Sports Legends of Delaware County museum.

Fredia Gibbs went through many obstacles throughout her life, but she pushed through and achieved her goals. Sculptor Jennifer Frudakis-Petry decided to embody that when she created the Fredia Gibbs statue. “It is my hope that this statue can inspire the young people here at Cabrini, especially the women, to always remember that there isn’t anything that you can’t do with hard work and determination,” Jennifer said passionately.

Gibbs expressed gratitude as she was honored with the statue. She even shared a poem during the unveiling. “I’m sexy, I’m deadly, I’m a quiet storm,” Fredia Gibbs recited, “but in the ring, I ain’t humble. You wanna test me? Let’s get ready to rumble.”

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