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Forever Changes Music and Gifts is a record store located in Phoenixville, PA. Owner Shawn Cephas, worked at his father’s record store as an adolescent, and decided to honor his father’s legacy by opening his own store as an adult. Not only does the store buy and sell records, but they also sell artwork, clothing, and various other gifts.

Weekend Philler’s executive producer Travis Brower, brought his personal record collection in for Shawn to appraise. Shawn explains his process of appraisals by saying he starts with two piles, one for records that ‘will leave the store’ and another for records that are not quite as in demand. He puts a special emphasis on records that people have been asking for, that the store has recently sold out of, and anything that is in demand in the community.

While sifting through Travis’s collection, Shawn comments on the value of rare records like the “Popeye” soundtrack by saying there are people that love those kinds of records despite it’s obscurity. He also noted the value of Travis’s Queen discography as it is almost a complete 70’s collection which is sure to sell quickly.

In contrast, the records that do not hold as much value can be found the the store’s $1 section. To Travis’s disappointment, his father’s favorite record (Three Dog Night) was tossed in the $1 treasure hunt, but Shawn assured him that it does not mean that the music isn’t good, it just does not fit the current demographic.

To learn more about Forever Changes Music and Gifts visit their website.