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Before the inception of Fishtown Pickle Project, Chef Mike Sicinski and Dietitian Niki Toscani gifted their small batch pickles to their wedding guests.

“Friends and family wanted more and then the people who were working the wedding asked where they could buy more pickles” Niki tells us. After the overwhelming positive response from loved ones FPP was born. Niki and Mike began selling their pickles at the First Annual Pickle-delphia in 2018, and the business grew from there.

Both Niki and Mike consider themselves “foodies”, and they take a lot of pride in their small batch fare. FPP uses local cucumbers and they are minimally processed in order to maintain the crisp and fresh flavor. The pickles are made with all natural ingredients and are not canned in an effort to avoid using preservatives. For that reason FPP encourages customers to keep their pickles refrigerated.

FPP has five standard “quick pickle” flavors including Philly Dilly Deli, Original Sour, Sweet Onion, Zesty Sweet Garlic, and Habanero Dill. In addition to these five pickle variations, they are constantly rotating seasonal and limited batch pickled items which are always cucumbers.

“When we get creative we try to partner with local companies” Niki explains. One example is the Whiskey Honey Limited Batch pickle which was created in collaboration with Dad’s Hat Whiskey and Rye. Another example of this pair’s creativity is the pickled watermelon rind made from watermelon rind waste from fresh cut fruit at local grocery stores. These are just a few examples and I’m sure there are many many more delicious creations to come in the future, so keep an eye out.

Today, Fishtown pickled items can be found in over 80 retail locations and restaurants in the tristate area. You can use the “store locator” feature on their website to find a retail location nearest you!