Philadelphia is home to some of the best pasta restaurants. Well, there’s a new sheriff and town, and its name is Farina Noodle & Pasta.

Farina Noodle & Pasta is a veteran and Black-owned business that started as a ghost kitchen in West Philadelphia during the pandemic in October 2020. Because of its success, Farina opened its doors in September 2021 on 132 South 17th Street in Center City, Philadelphia.

The inspiration behind Farina Noodle & Pasta started when Daniel studied abroad at the American University in Rome.

“I stayed there for about three months and I traveled all throughout the country of Italy, up and down the coast,” Daniel Lee explains.

While some of the pasta dishes at Farina have an Italian flair, such as their popular pistachio pesto pasta, other dishes, like their Dan Dan noodles, are reminiscent of Asian cuisine.

The flavor in all of the dishes at Farina has definitely kept people coming back for more.

“The customers have been very supportive,” Lee gushed, “They’ve come back numerous times and brought friends with them… I absolutely love our customers.”

See something you like on the menu? Visit to place an order.