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Mushroom is a locally inspired play based on “the mushroom capital of the world” Kennett Square, Pa.

“As soon as I heard about Kennett (Square) being the mushroom capital of the world, I was just fascinated” Playwrite Eisa Davis tells us.

Mushroom highlights immigrant mushroom pickers of Kennett Square, and their resilience and generosity as they navigate through life. The play has been in development for almost 10 years, and is running September 14th through October 16th (2022) at People’s Light Theater in Malvern, Pa.

“I just wanted to learn about the generations and generations of pickers who have been providing this country with the majority of the mushrooms that we eat” Davis explains.

One interesting element of Mushroom is they it is a bilingual play accessible to all. “If you only speak English you will understand all of the parts that are in Spanish. If you only speak Spanish you will understand all of the parts that are in English” Eisa assures.

Super titles are projected onto the walls of the set to ensure that all audience members understand the dialogue throughout the show. The decision to make Mushroom a bilingual production was an intentional one to highlight how many residents of Chester County naturally speak day to day.

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