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Children’s author Beverly Cleary once said; ” If you can’t find a book, write it!” And that’s exactly what Jody Fiore did when she couldn’t find reading material for children K thru 3rd to tackle tough issues like death, Alzheimer’s, school lock downs and rare medical syndromes.

Local author Jodi Fiore is a kindergarten teacher who has been writing and drawing pictures since she was a little girl. She writes and illustrates her children’s book series Lia-Ria Adventures as a way to help children cope with difficult moments in life.

Lia-Ria Adventures currently has four books in the series. Lia-Ria and the Lockdown Drill was the debut book that helps kids understand that lockdown drills are to protect them and nothing to be scared of. Lia-Ria Meets the Angels teaches children about Angelman’s Syndrome. Lia-Ria and the Ostrich Feathers helps kids understand and cope with death. Lia-Ria and the Old Timers teaches kids about Alzheimer’s disease.

Fiore gets inspiration for her books from her students and dedicates her work to her mom and grandmother who past away.

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