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MEDFORD, NJ — Wendy Lempa is a New Jersey based artist, also known as Daydreamer Mosaics, with a passion for creating unique mosaics. She shares her talent by selling her pieces in craft shows and shops, as well as teaching mosaics workshops at The Medford Company Store.

“My favorite thing about mosaics is pretty much the whole process. Starting with the hunt; I love to go to flea markets and antique stores and craft shows to find unique items that I can mosaic. And then I love the actual laying out of the design. I don’t so much like the grouting, I usually make my husband do that part of it. And then I get a lot of satisfaction out of bringing it into the store and having people admire it and maybe buy the piece.” – Wendy Lempa

Take a look at some of Wendy’s colorful artwork in this edition of Weekend Philler’s Show Us Your Stuff.

If you are interested in signing up for one of Wendy’s mosaics classes or workshops, search for Daydreamer Mosaics on Facebook or visit them online at


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