Shakia Williams started her wine-making career as a hobby. “I started making wine gummies,” Cyrenity Sips owner Shakia Williams shared. After working at a winery in Virginia Beach and purchasing a wine-making kit of her own, Shakia began to make her own wine. She found herself with so many cases of wine that she had to start giving them away to family. After receiving positive reviews, Shakia decided to open up her own small-batch winery.

Cyrenity Sips opened its doors in Hatboro on September 10th, 2022. “I felt in Pennsylvania, specifically Philadelphia, there wasn’t a niche for small-batch wineries,” “So, I decided to bring that here, and here we are.” The winery consists of a tasting room, as well as a violet light-adorned lounge. Patrons can order a wine flight that consists of six wine samples of their choosing from the eighteen wines in stock. Some of these wines include their popular seasonal white chocolate wine, their glittery Cyan cotton candy wine, and their refreshing La Peach wine. All of the wines are named after Shakia’s friends and family.

Black-owned wineries are very scarce in the winery industry, but Shakia takes pride in knowing that Cyrenity Sips is making a difference. “Even though Black people [make up] 0.1% in the winery industry out of 11,000 wineries,” Shakia explained. “I feel like showing diversity, [me] being a woman… I think it opens up people’s minds.”

See a wine that interests you? Head over to Cyrenity Sips’ website for information about wine tastings, selections, and other winery details.