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Chef Vargas Brunch N’ Tacos is a family friendly restaurant in Elkins Park, PA. Located in an apartment complex off of Spring Avenue, this hidden gem has been serving Tex-Mex styled brunch cuisine to the community since 2015.

Originally Chef Vargas had a regular lunch and dinner menu, and only served brunch on the weekends.

“We were doing Saturday and Sunday brunch. So many people were coming during the week that I said ‘You know what? Let’s do brunch… all day,'” explains executive chef and owner of Chef Vargas, Jose Vargas.

Jose, originally from Puerto Rico, moved to San Francisco with $200 in his pocket, and a dream of one day opening his own restaurant. He went to culinary school in Puerto Rico and was an executive chef at other hotels and restaurants around the world before setting up shop in Elkins Park.

“He’s a really hardworking man. Seeing firsthand how he’s dealt with everything, from opening this business to where we are now, I look up to that,” says Anasazi Vargas-Lombarde, manager and waitress at Chef Vargas.

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