Happy Pride Month, Phillerinos! We talked to Bob Skiba, the creator of the Philadelphia LGBT Mapping Project, to hear about some of the 2000+ LGBT historical markers in the Philadelphia area.

In this segment, Bob tells us about the historical significance of The Annual Reminders at Independence Hall, Giovanni’s Room Bookstore (now called Philly AIDS Thrift @ Giovanni’s Room), the home of lifelong gay activist Barbara Gittings, the AIDS Library of Philadelphia, the Historical Society of Philadelphia where Temple University professor John Fryer worked to have homosexuality removed from the list of mental disorders in the American Psychiatric Association manual, the William Way LGBT Community Center, the Drake Hotel, the Dewey’s Sit-ins, and the Gayborhood.

While these are some of Bob’s favorite places of historical significance, he worked to create an interactive map with over 2,000 locations that are of historical significance to the LGBTQIA community in Philadelphia. Check out the map here, and for more stories about these historical markers you can check out their Facebook page.

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By: Holly Huepfel
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