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When Scream was released in 1996, it changed the horror film genre forever and inspired countless storytellers. Among them was Padraic Maroney, a Buck’s County native who recently published his first novel about the franchise: It All Began with a Scream.

It All Began with a Scream is a celebration of the Scream franchise. Maroney interviewed over 30 people for the book, including cast members, producers, and members of the crew from each of the four movies. The book is an in-depth behind-the-scenes look at the making of these films, and Maroney says that everyone’s willingness to lend him their time and their photos speaks to how important this franchise was – not just to the fans, but also to those involved in its creation.

After all, Padraic started writing the same year that the first Scream film was released. He was so moved by the film – and saw how many people it resonated with – that he made it his mission to create writing that had the same effect.

It All Began with a Scream is a must-read for lovers of horror and movies in general, and it’s available wherever you buy books. Learn more about the novel here.

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