Brotherton Brewing Company has long been one of my favorite breweries in South Jersey. I grew up one town over, so I am particularly proud what they have done in Atco,NJ both in terms of community service and craft beer culture.

The Oriente family has created a family friendly atmosphere with brothers Dan and Keith running operations and Keith’s daughter Sam running the beautiful taproom. Once upon a time the taproom was a firehouse and it’s the perfect mix of their brewery vision and firehouse nostalgia. There is ample seating inside the tap room and they have a great outdoor seating area. Bonus? Kids and dogs are welcome in both areas. Depending on what mood the state on NJ is in, (haha-inside joke) there may or may not be a food truck there once in a while. Same goes for events.

One event that is not to be missed is the Brotherton’s Anniversary party. They shut down the street for live bands, vendors and 1000s of people over the course of the day.

Jersey Devil Double IPA

Brotherton offer’s a full variety of all beer styles with playful names that lean into their South Jersey home and culture…Jersey Devil Double IPA, Pine Barrens Pilsner and Cedar Wudder. All their beers are available in the taproom and many of their titles are available as takeout and some are distributed to area liquor stores.

Brotherton Playlist

You can catch me at Brotherton often, enjoying the Pine Barrens Pilsner and listening to Sam’s never ending playlist. Give them a try soon and tell them Tony Romeo and Weekend Philler sent ya!

Tony Romeo / Host Weekend Philler PHL17

By: Tony Romeo / Weekend Philler Producer/Host
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