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Do you know the muffin man? Well now you do! His name is Marck Goldstein and he owns Brewerytown Bakery in Philadelphia, Pa. He and his partner Kelsey opened the bakery to bring local pastries, breads and bagels to their own neighborhood.

“Before this, there was no where to get any fresh sweets or breads, and we’re bringing quality pastries and breads, and bagels from all over Philadelphia right to the neighborhood,” Owner Marck Goldstein tells us.

The pair work extremely well as partners as Marck tends to handle the paperwork and business side of it all, while Kelsey works hard to make the shop an inviting and safe space for the community.

“I got to put all of my Pinterest fun, colorful designs into a space and make people happy and sell them nice sweets!” Kelsey says.

When visitors enter Brewerytown Bakery they are met with with a eye catching mural painted by a Brooklyn-based artist called Sarah Fox. The painting portrays a dragon, whom Marck and Kelsey have since named Girard the Dragon, and it sincerely adds to the eclectic and welcoming ambiance of the store.

“I love it here, I love being able to eat the sweets and the dynamic and the energy in the store is always amazing. Its right like home,” Team Member, Isis tells us.

Everything in the bakery is made locally from various vendors and get this: everything is VEGAN! From cupcakes to house made bagel sandwiches, Brewerytown Bakery is one bakery you can feel good about eating.

To learn more visit and be sure to stop by at 2949 W Girard Ave in Philadelphia, PA.