On March 1st 2023, The Boeing Company (Ridley Park) donated $50,000 to The Philadelphia Union Foundation’s iAM project.

“Today is an exciting day at Boeing where we really get to show how we are investing in our local community for future talent,” Boeing’s HR Director Akeem Iman-Jones tells us.

The iAM Project aims to support high school students from the Chester area by exposing them to different career paths, and actively helping them to make their “dream job” a reality. The iAM Project not only exposes these high school students to jobs at companies like Boeing, they also offer paid internship programs, followed by mentorship programs where the students are able to work with professionals in the position they are interested in.

“Our goal is to let [the students] see all of the great things that we do here so they can think about a career here; a lifetime career here at Boeing,” Jones continues.

The Philadelphia Union Foundation’s Executive Director, Paul Howard elaborated on the goals of the iAM project by saying “We want to help [the students] figure out what it is they want to be by exposing them to all sorts of career opportunities that they previously didn’t know existed,” He goes on to discuss the mentorship aspect of the program by saying “once they figure it out, we’ll give them a mentor that does the thing that they think they want to do, and we will help them get to those post 18 next steps.”

To learn more about The Philadelphia Union Foundation’s iAM Project please visit their website.