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BERLIN, Nj-- Berlin Brewing Company is a 1930s baseball themed craft brewery that is great at nostalgia and even better at beer. Tony Alfano and Joe Cruz have been at the location in Berlin, NJ since 2014. Great beers include the Boro Kolsch, the Insolent IPA and the one of a kind Grey Earl.  I could not wait to feature them on Weekend Philler's "Craft Corner" segment not just because they are great brewers, but they are great guys that set up shop in my home town, Berlin, NJ.

Since this one was so personal to me, Tony and Joe asked that I come to the brewery when their episode aired to watch with the folks that love the brewing company so much.  I even served as a Guest Bartender for about an hour.  Full disclosure I never tended bar before in any capacity. I thought it would be cool to watch the people watching the segment-- and that's here.

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In addition to the vids, PHL17 alumni Ryan Wismer was in the house and took these great stills.  He and I made Philler digital videos for years before we had a TV place for them.

And lastly, here's the FB blooper video that blew up social media.


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