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Every bit of plastic that’s ever been produced still exists somewhere in the world today. This dismal fact is what inspired Tina Solak to create The Refill Market in Westmont, NJ.

The Refill Market is a 100% zero waste store that offers plastic-free alternatives to many household essentials. From dish brushes to fabric softener pods to washable dusters, this is the perfect spot to transform your home into a zero-waste household.

In addition to these alternatives, The Refill Market offers many bulk body care items. Customers can bring their own reusable bottles and “refill” from these large containers, hence the name “Refill” Market. These include body washes, shampoo, laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, and more.

To learn more and start your journey to becoming a zero-waste household, check out The Refill Market on their website, Instagram, and on Facebook.

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