Who is Banksy? Check out this pop up exhibit located at 9th and Market in Philadelphia to find out everything there is to know about this British street artist. There is one catch though – no one actually knows who he is…

“Banksy Was Here – An Unauthorized Exhibition” is an immersive art exhibit made up of over 80 authenticated pieces from the anonymous artist’s life. The exhibit features a replica of the underground tunnel where Banksy used to graffiti at the start of his career. From there, visitors enter the immersive room where the walls are filled with projected images of Banksy’s art. The rest of the exhibit showcases Banksy’s work from his many different eras including The Great Gallery, The Rat Room, and The Political Room, where he made many political statements through his pieces.

One of the most popular features in this exhibit is The Graffiti Room where guests are invited to make their own graffiti. “You’ve been told your whole life ‘”don’t write on the walls”‘, [but] here we’re giving you a chance to make your own graffiti inside the exhibit. US Operations Manager for Exhibition Hub Ryan Haines explains.

Visitors are invited to write messages, jokes, doodles, etc. as a way to leave their own mark on this exhibit just as Banksy does on streets throughout the world.

“Banksy Was Here” runs through January 30th (2023). To learn more or to purchase tickets visit their website.