Baked by Melissa was founded by Melissa Ben-Ishay after she was fired from her job in advertising. Her heart was not in her position as a media planner, but it certainly propels her career as a baker.

“I baked my cupcakes to make people happy, and that’s what I still have the opportunity to do today” Melissa tells us.

Baking is something Melissa has always been passionate about, and with a little push from her brother, she was able to launch a very successful business. Baked by Melissa currently has 14 retail locations and she ships her products nation wide with freshness guaranteed.

This Mother’s Day, Melissa has created a limited edition assortment that she calls the G.O.A.T. (greatest of all time). This assortment includes some of Melissa’s personal favorites like the the classics; vanilla and chocolate, a brownie cupcake with caramel filling, electric tie dye, and many more.

Melissa has also gained a pretty large following on Tik Tok where she shares recipes for both sweet treats and savory snacks.

To learn more about Baked by Melissa visit and be sure to check out her (G.O.A.T.) limited edition Mother’s Day box as she will be donating $5 from each box sold to Baby Quest Foundation, an organization that provides financial support to people who are going through fertility treatments.