Erik Honesty began his career as a menswear clothing designer. His collection is called “The Honesty Collection” and it is primarily sourced from vintage textiles with origins all over the world.

Today, Honesty still produces clothing, but he has expanded to a gallery setting filled with vintage clothing, furniture and art. This collection is called Cultured Couture Gallery and it is located in Doylestown, PA.

Honesty has a meticulous eye for interior design as not one item in Cultured Couture Gallery could be found out of place, instead each piece complemented the next in true Honesty fashion.

He tells us that he began the design of the space with his African art collection straight down the center of the room, each piece upon a custom wooden pedestal. Honesty goes on to say that the art augments his creative process and creates a harmonious story with the rest of his collection.

The African art created a sense of authenticity and luxury in the space which are two perfect words to describe Erik Honesty and Cultured Couture Gallery in its entirety.

Cultured Couture Gallery is not open to the public just yet, but be sure to check out to view The Honesty Collection and stay informed about the gallery’s grand opening.