Zach at the Zoo with a Kangaroo

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People travel down under to get a close look at this marsupial… Thanks to the Philadelphia Zoo’s Adopt Program I didn’t have to travel across the world for face time with the red kangaroo.

Philadelphia Zoo has ten kangaroos. Although, these kangaroos range from 1-11 years old, in the wild they can live up to 23 years and weigh upwards of 200 LBS.

These guys are well known for their unique way of getting around. Their feet are designed to hop all the time when they are in a hurry. This makes it so they can’t move the foot individually like we do, they have adapted to walking on all fours.

And if bouncing around isn’t enough… You can have all your other questions answered by the keepers, what they eat, what their personalities are like, etc.. For more information on Philadelphia Zoo’s Adoption program and to learn more about kangaroos visit

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