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Attention Ladies, it’s DIY time!!  Our favorite Do-it-Yourself expert, Beth Allen of DIY HIP Chicks, is back and this time she’s getting down and dirty with zip ties!  Originally designed for bunching electric cables, you would be amazed at how many creative ways you can use a zip tie for your DIY projects around the house!  Here are just a few that Beth shared with us today…

Impromptu Child Safety Latch

If you don’t have kids, you probably don’t have any child safety measures around your house.  Next time your favorite couple and their active 2 year old visit for dinner, take two zip ties, link them together, wrap around your cabinets and pull tight!

Make Your Luggage Unlike Any Other

Hate trying to find your luggage after a flight?  Take an old plastic ID tag, make your own fun and colorful tag and zip it to your luggage so you can find it faster!

Potty problems?

If your flusher won’t flush, a zip tie is a great impromptu way to get that chain working, so you can clean the bowl!  Simply run a zip tie between your flusher handle and your flusher gasket, and flush away your DIY home improvement problems in a flash!
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