“When the Ice Melted” ALS documentary being filmed in Philadelphia

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Local Production Company Philly Philms is currently working on a film to document the progression of ALS with Philadelphia area residents suffering from the disease. Entitled WHEN THE ICE MELTED, their goal with this documentary project is to reveal the sobering details of ALS, while also telling a story of hope in the aftermath of the now famous Ice Bucket Challenge. They are currently hosting a crowdsourcing campaign on Kickstarter ending Thursday, Dec. 10th to help raise funds for the film  – http://bit.ly/theALSstory. These funds are desperately needed to continue documenting the day-to-day battles and the courageous fight of these ALS Warriors, their families and friends. Their stories provide an inside look at how ALS slowly robs them of their ability to function, but never their passion to live. 

This documentary is being Co-Produced by University of Pennsylvania grad Mikaelyn Austin, and life-long Philadelphia resident Rob Marcolina.