Summer Hair Care Tips

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Are you ready to hit the beach? Or, maybe the pool is your passion?

I stopped by my favorite salon Xquisite Hair Design in Philadelphia to get some tips on  how to keep my summer hair fashionable and healthy. I sat down with stylist Charise Dorsey, to get her tips for healthy summer hair. I was given two steps on how to maintain my tresses.

Step One: Avoiding Dryness after taking a dip in the pool…

  • Right after you swim, be sure to deep cleanse your hair. Not sure just what to look for? Well, Charise suggests looking for shampoos that remove chlorine. These products can be found at your local salon. Xquisite has their own line of great products.

Step Two: Be sure to keep your hair moisturized and hydrated.

What’s better than keeping your locks healthy this summer? Try doing it the organic way. Offered at Xquisite is an organic line made of  jojoba oil and Shea butter. It’s something Xquisite stylists say can be great for the kids as well.

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