Social Media Effort for Testicular Cancer will have us all Feeling Nuts

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Now that your Facebook feed is finally free of #IceBucketChallenge videos, it’s probably a good idea to prepare yourself for what is sure to be the next viral charity sensation.


This social media campaign, to raise awareness for testicular cancer, is gaining popularity in social media on the backs, well, actually the fronts of celebrities like Hugh Jackman and Ricky Gervais.  The challenge is quite literal, in that it asks participants to grab their crotch to encourage men to explore their own testicular area for abnormalities like cancer.  Below are some of the SFW photos from the craze that is sure to both raise awareness and at some point go full on NSFW.

[protected-iframe height=”600″ id=”f4bb8b2127e9a7ade0d2afe39600d40a-47426323-47181203″ info=”hash” width=”700″]

[protected-iframe height=”600″ id=”d81c68f472b890f56e61463816b39178-47426323-47181203″ info=”hash” width=”700″]

[protected-iframe height=”400″ id=”32debe5cb4d8402c303f0a4e4d0d4539-47426323-47181203″ info=”hash” width=”700″]

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[protected-iframe height=”700″ id=”dd07d1c143442d5472e888d7f8d936ee-47426323-47181203″ info=”hash” width=”700″]

[protected-iframe height=”600″ id=”1e8b9a61c9e4b83464f115ab34ece7c6-47426323-47181203″ info=”hash” width=”700″]

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New Social Media Craze for Testicular Cancer will have us all Feeling Nuts

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