Home Depot Lawn Care

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I was joined this morning by Nick Blassman from Home Depot who gave us some last minute tips to protect and prepare your lawn for the fast-approaching Memorial Day Weekend!

You know it’s BBQ season and we all want our grass to look spectacular! What can you do to have the best-looking lawn in the neighborhood?

Just follow the four easy steps Nick explained, and you’ll be ready to go for the spring season! It takes protecting your lawn from crab grass, weeding and feeding, turf builder, and insect control. Nick says if you fertilize your grass, give it one inch of water per week, and re-seed if necessary, you’ll be in good shape.

And here’s a trick: If you add iron supplements to your lawn, it’ll bring out the bright green look you want this season!

The Scott’s Snap Weed & Feed was my personal favorite. It gets rid of your weeds while strengthening the roots of your grass! I certainly know I can find use for that product with my own lawn!

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