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You might know how to protect your skin from the sun’s rays, but did you know your hair can be damaged by UV rays too?

Pony tails and flat irons go hand and hand with high heat, but owner of Giovanni & Pileggi Salon, Giovanni Mele, says these are two styles are the recipe for a hair-tastrophe!

If you’re cooling off this summer by taking a dip in the water, beware that salt can dry out your hair, while chlorine can crack the cuticles. Giovanni Mele suggest that the solution is to use a sulfate-free shampoo to remove all of the salt and chlorine build up.

If you apply SPF to your body, why not apply it to your hair? Experts say it’s crucial to protect your hair with products that have UV ray blockers.

Although pony tails and updo’s can beat the heat and humidity, Mele says constantly pulling your hair back can cause the hair to break. A little bit of strength building protein can be the solution to saving your hair.

Regardless of the culprit–flat irons, chlorine, or UV rays, hair ages faster in the summer. So take caution and give a little extra care to your hair during these summer months.

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