Camping by I.GoldBerg!

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What comes to mind when you think of camping? Some people can’t wait to venture into the wilderness, while others are not as excited. I.Goldberg Army-Navy in Philadelphia was live outside our studio showing off how camping can be fun and comfortable as well!

Camping no longer has to be sitting around a campfire, I.Goldberg showed some neat camping accessories that a great for the modern-day camper! These items bring the comfort of home into the woods to enjoy your time with friends.

Compact is key when camping! Many of the items show today were able to be stacked to take up less space. The Bugaboo camping set even allows you to eat and cook in the same container!

They also showed off the perfect tent and the perfect air mattress to go with it!

For more information about I.Goldberg Army-Navy, visit them online at!

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