Succulent Seafood at Headhouse Crab & Oyster

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When it comes to seafood, you’d be hard-pressed to find the same great flavors, gourmet catches and large portions outside of Philadelphia’s own Headhouse Crab & Oyster Co. in Old City. We’re talking about a heap of sautéed muscles, giant panini-style lobster rolls and the most buttery, succulent lobster I’ve ever eaten (not to mention the largest)!

Headhouse brings together two chefs – one with a seafood background and one who owns a steakhouse. Their tag team combo of surf and turf works wonders at the restaurant.

I’m joined once again with my partner in crime Peter Van Allen, who’s a seafood aficionado in his own right. He chows down on the beautiful oysters and the aforementioned panini like it’s his job. But his true job is to tell us his ratings for the overall value, taste and atmosphere of the place. Take a look to see what he says!

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