Storm Preparation Tips from a Forecast Expert

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Our region has already seen its share of winter storms this season, making the roadways a mess and forcing us to bundle up and stock up on the essentials. With some wet weather on the horizon and holiday travel shortly underway, Eye Opener turns to Joe Miketta, a warning coordination meteorologist at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, to find out some simple ways we can stay safe and be ready for anything this season.

“The main thing is that people know what’s coming – they listen to the forecast watches and warnings that we put out…[but] we need to make sure they read it and understand what it means,” says Miketta.

He says that people often overstock their homes for a storm, buying up to six days of food instead of the more vital one or two. Miketta says that because the PennDot trucks know about weather advisories, they are usually quick to alleviate poor road conditions. Take a look to find out more important tips from an expert in the field!

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