South Philadelphia High School Goes Green

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Mayor Michael Nutter has made a pledge to the city of Philadelphia for a more sustainable community.  South Philadelphia High School has taken his pledge in stride!  Students and faculty alike will be contributing to the transformation to a more environmentally conscious society.  The decision to transform this local high school opens a world of opportunities for South Philadelphia students.  PHL17’s Zachery Lashway visits the school to learn more about the educational opportunities that students will have for outdoor classrooms and hands-on experience.

Zach found out that even locations in the city with very little green space and a concrete fortress such as this high school, can still be innovative and proactive in their attempt to save the environment.  The surrounding South Philly community is in support of this initiative, as well. They recognize the importance of contributing to the environment, and the physical benefits it will possess.

Find out how this high school is setting the example and raising the bar across the country for a greener learning environment!

By: Zachery Lashway – Follow on Twitter @zachlashway