School reassures students by attaching inspiring note to test results

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No matter your age, receiving test results can cause a lot of anxiety! One school decided to ease students’ fears by attaching an inspiring letter to their exam scores.

Students in Northern Ireland recently took the transfer test. This standardized test determines which high school a student will be admitted to. Much like the SATs, students study hard and stress out about taking this test.

Harmony Hill Primary School wanted to reassure their students that they are valuable no matter what their score is, so they enclosed the following letter with students’ results:

Photo credit: Carrickfergus Grammar School Music Society
Photo credit: Carrickfergus Grammar School Music Society

The letter went viral after Carrickfergus Grammar School Music Society posted it on their Facebook page last Saturday. The international popularity of the letter is a sign that we could all use a little positive reinforcement in our lives!

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