Saturday, December 22nd, 2013 — MLK, Jr. Association/ Marines “Toys for Tots”

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November 11, 2013. The Philadelphia Martin Luther King, Jr. Association for Nonviolence, Inc. will host its 10th Annual Children’s Christmas Pageant for homeless children and  children whose families have found it difficult to provide anything for them for Christmas. Due to the overwhelming number of families in need this year, the Association is hosting two events.

Both events will be held at AFSCME DC-33 located at 3001 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA on Saturday, December 22, 2013. For the third year, DC-33 is honored to be the Host Sponsor for this event. DC-33 President, Herman “Pete” Matthews was so thrilled over the past two years when he saw so many children glowing with excitement as they looked around the ballroom to see children’s faces beam with excitement to see a winter wonderland and watched as the characters from ChristmasLand, Disney World and Sesame Street put on a show. He said to the King Association’s President and Founder of the Christmas Pageant, Dr. William Tucker, “It gives me so much joy to be able to help the children of  Philadelphia in need for Christmas”. Mr. Matthews further gave a commitment to help again this year and has kept that promise without hesitation.

Besides all of the characters, the children are given a full course meal, a program depicting the meaning and spirit of Christmas demonstrated by the Association’s College for Teens students and “Educational Ambassadors of Nonviolence” Club Members. Additionally, “Kids Serving Kids” will give gifts of coats, clothing, toiletries, food boxes and turkeys to many of the families. “Kids Serving Kids” is a group of young leaders ages 10 to 14 who are committed to helping children less fortunate than themselves. The group was formed in 2011 by 10 year old (at the time), Samara Wilson. This group of young leaders are not only concerned with providing goods for these children, but leaving them with a positive message of hope. The Children’s Christmas Dinner Pageant was founded by Dr. William Tucker, current President and Chief Executive Officer of the Association, as a means to give underprivilege children complete Christmas experience where they will hear the story and see the spirit of Christmas. The second event is a toy giveaway to be held on immediately following the pageant at 6:00 p.m. Santa Claus and other King Association Board Members will be on hand to greet the children.

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