Remembering Dr. King with Reverend Thomas Snowden

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One August day in 1963, 250,000 people stood around the National Mall in Washington, D.C. to hear one man share his dream. Some sixty years later, hundreds of millions of Americans have reaped the benefits of the civil rights strides made by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., which we celebrate on MLK Day.

Eye Opener is proud to welcome another reverend, Dr. Thomas Snowden, to our show this morning. Snowden met Dr. King two years before that historic speech, when he was a student at Howard University and assistant to the director of religious services. In fact, he had the honor of picking up Dr. King from the airport. Snowden’s first impression of the legendary orator?  He couldn’t believe how short he was.

“But even then, when you were close to him and when you spoke with him… you knew you were in the midst of greatness,” Snowden said. Take a look.

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