Preparing the Perfect Bird With Chef Tony Notaro

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Thanksgiving may be behind us, but turkey season is far from over. Maybe you didn’t get your bird just right the first time around and are looking to improve your technique. That’s where chef Tony Notaro, author of “Great Kitchen Secrets,” comes in. The TV personality has plenty of tips for getting your turkey, or any kind of bird, perfectly juicy for that holiday feast, even after the fact. Some of his tips include: cooking the turkey breast-side down for the first hour, brining your bird prior to cooking it, using a cooking bag, and thawing the meat slowly in the refrigerator before it hits the oven.

But hey – we want our turkey to be moist even as leftovers, right? Chef Tony has three pieces of advice: 1) put slices in a casserole dish with lettuce leaves, 2) store turkey back in natural juices to retain moisture, and  3) before cutting bird, let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes before serving.

Take a look for more tips from Tony and check out his book Great Kitchen Secrets for sale now!

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