PHOTOS: Philadelphia Sexy Singles 2013

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The Philadelphia Daily News Sexy Singles celebrated its 10th anniversary at SugarHouse Casino last night.  Among the sexiest was PHL17’s own Eye Opener host, Jennifer Lewis-Hall!  Jen attended the party in a classic black dress and looked stunning.  Here’s some photo fun of Jen and the her sexy friends on the runway.

  • Sexy-Singles-2013-2
  • Sexy-Singles-2013-3
  • Sexy-Singles-2013-4
  • Sexy-Singles-2013-5
  • Sexy-Singles-2013-6
  • Sexy-Singles-2013-7
  • Sexy-Singles-2013-8
  • Sexy-Singles-2013-9
  • Sexy-Singles-2013-10
  • Sexy-Singles-2013-11
  • Sexy-Singles-2013-12
  • Sexy-Singles-2013-13
  • Sexy-Singles-2013-14
  • Sexy-Singles-2013-15
  • Sexy-Singles-2013-16
  • Sexy-Singles-2013-17
  • Sexy-Singles-2013-18
  • Sexy-Singles-2013-19
  • Sexy-Singles-2013-20
  • Sexy-Singles-2013-21
  • Sexy-Singles-2013-22
  • Sexy-Singles-2013-23
  • Sexy-Singles-2013-24
  • Sexy-Singles-2013-25
  • Sexy-Singles-2013-26
  • Sexy-Singles-2013

And here’s an animated GIF of one of our favorite moments…


And here’s Eye Opener Philly’s Video:

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