PHOTOS: PAL Media Softball Game from Citizens Bank Park

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Team Red defeated Team Blue in the 35th annual Police Athletic League Softball Game in the bottom of the last inning.  Team Red was comprised of media members from radio, while Team Blue was comprised of television media members.  The game supports the Police Athletic League and Commissioner Ramsey threw out the first pitch of the Phillies game that followed. Phillies Dan Baker announced the game and provided lots of funny and/or factual tidbits about the players involved. Here are some photos from the contest.

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  • phillies-media-softball-2013-9
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  • pal-phillies-media-softball-2013-7
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  • pal-phillies-media-softball-2013-5
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  • pal-phillies-media-softball-2013-3
  • pal-phillies-media-softball-2013-2

Team Blue was managed by PHL17’s own VP/General Manager Vince Giannini.  Giannini’s line-up also included Zach Lashway from PHL17’s Eye Opener and Steve Wilkos from The Steve Wilkos Show also on PHL17.

Aside from that, the digital media professional in me that has covered a few of these games is still wondering when we will shatter the “web barrier” and have a team comprised of only web guys and girls compete!   We can’t do worse than the play I saw last night and we’d kill it on social media.

Are you the type that never tires of media types playing softball?  Here’s more photos from Media Day 2013.

And here’s our video coverage from Eye Opener.