PHOTOS & VIDEO: Mummers 2014 Viewers’ Choice Award from SugarHouse Casino

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SugarHouse Casino was handing out giant cardboard checks to Mummers clubs on Thursday night at the Mummers Viewer’s Choice Awards!  Two were given to the top voted clubs in the Mummers Poll and three were chosen at random by SugarHouse.   Here’s some video and photos from a fun-filled evening.

  • Mummers-2014-Viewers_Choice
  • Mummers-2014-Viewers_Choice-21
  • Mummers-2014-Viewers_Choice-20
  • Mummers-2014-Viewers_Choice-15
  • Mummers-2014-Viewers_Choice-16
  • Mummers-2014-Viewers_Choice-17
  • Mummers-2014-Viewers_Choice-18
  • Mummers-2014-Viewers_Choice-14
  • Mummers-2014-Viewers_Choice-13
  • Mummers-2014-Viewers_Choice-12
  • Mummers-2014-Viewers_Choice-11
  • Mummers-2014-Viewers_Choice-7
  • Mummers-2014-Viewers_Choice-8
  • Mummers-2014-Viewers_Choice-9
  • Mummers-2014-Viewers_Choice-10
  • Mummers-2014-Viewers_Choice-6
  • Mummers-2014-Viewers_Choice-4
  • Mummers-2014-Viewers_Choice-3
  • Mummers-2014-Viewers_Choice
  • Mummers-2014-Viewers_Choice-2