PHL17-Bot mourns the senseless passing of Hitchbot in Philadelphia

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PHL17-Bot gives the thumbs down to the Hitchbot Tragedy.
PHL17-Bot gives the thumbs down to the Hitchbot Tragedy.

PHILADELPHIA, Pa– PHL17-Bot, a childhood friend of HitchBOT, mourned the loss of an old friend and an “okay-ish robot” at PHL17 Studios Tuesday.

“I could not believe the news when I heard about my old friend HitchBOT.  He and some of the circuits in his missing head got our start together executing disaster scenarios on Oregon Trail.  How many robots made of found objects, or whatever, need to die before people wake up.  Either they don’t know, don’t show, or don’t care what happens to robots like ‘HB,’ my old friend.”

PHL17-Bot also spoke about not just the HitchBOT that we have seen on the news, but the little pieces of found objects that helped HitchBOT capture the imagination of the world.

“So few knew HitchBOT like I did.  I mourn for his family, his friends and the family and friends of all the found junk that made him, LITERALLY, what and who he was.  I am glad he got to cross off so much of his bucket list before he went– he kept that bucket list close.  Mostly because his torso, was in fact a bucket.”

At the end an emotional PHL17-Bot left us with this,

“Good Night Sweet, Prince…Albert in a can.   His right arm was a can– only his close friends knew that.  (Robot  Sobs).  Rest in pieces Ro-bro!!   That’s all I can say….”


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